How to Choose the Most Appropriate Curtains

Are you planning to buy new curtains for your home or a specific room? Do you feel overwhelmed by the available choices? Do you find it difficult to pinpoint a certain kind of curtain that meets your expectations? Before you step out to buy curtains, it is imperative to know what all things you need to consider to ensure you spend on most suitable curtains because you will not be buying curtains every other day. It is an expensive investment and should be done wisely.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Curtains define the interior of any home. They easily catch the attention of the guests but in many situations, they do not get even noticed. There are various things that you should consider before choosing the right kind of curtains to make sure they add more class and elegance to your house. These include the following:

Curtain Fabric

Curtains are available in a plethora of fabrics, each having its own charm. Depending upon the interior of the room and your personal requirements, you need to pick up the right kind of curtain fabric. It is something similar to the choice of clothes you wear. No two people like the same fabric. Similarly, no two customers like the same curtain fabric. Fabric depends on whether you need curtains to shield some UV rays while maintaining brightness or you want lightproof material for complete privacy. The colour and weight of the fabric play a key role in creating the right atmosphere. Therefore, set your priorities first and then look for the right kind of curtain fabric.

For instance, heavy silk and velvet are a great choice for formal settings. Heavier fabrics add a pinch of luxury to the decor. On the other hand, billowy linen is best suited for a laid-back setting.

Curtain Pattern

Curtain Pattern Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Pattern Cleaning Melbourne

The second important element to consider while picking up the right curtains is the pattern. Cute cartoon prints won’t go well in the kitchen area, on the other hand, dark and dull patterns will not bring out the best in your kid’s room. It is suggested to go for block colours if your furniture is patterned. Also, small patterns like paisley and dots go well with almost any kind of decor. If you need your curtains to gel with the room then choose the same colour as of the wall. If you want the curtains to overpower the entire decor, then opt for bold colours to make your curtains the centre of attraction. Choose sensibly and see how curtains add splendour to your rooms.


Another crucial aspect to ponder over is the length of the curtains. Shorter curtains are always practical, easy to maintain, cheaper, and commonly used in many areas of the home. However, longer curtains hung just above the frame, give a taller look to the room. These add a dramatic and magnificence appeal to the windows. Also, you can use the full window by pulling the curtains to the side. The drawback of using long curtains is that they collect more dust and kids/pets can easily climb but nonetheless they do appear classy.

Cleaning – Machine Wash or Dry Clean Only

Your curtains will need cleaning and that too on a regular basis. So when choosing the curtains, find out whether you can wash them in your washing machine or do they need to be dry cleaned every time. The dry clean only curtains will fade away if you wash them at home. Therefore, set your preferences and then make an informed decision.

Readymade or Custom Made Curtains

Curtain Cleaning Services Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Services Melbourne

Custom made curtains are always a better choice than the readymade ones. You can pick your own fabric, design, pattern, and colours for the same. You can make a tailored look with the exact measurements for a perfect fit. With all these options, custom made curtains are definitely a costlier choice than the readymade ones. So, if you have budget constraints then don’t be disappointed. Just put in a little extra effort to find your choice of off the shelf curtains in the market.

Lighting and Privacy

Next thing you need to consider while choosing curtains is the amount of light you want to filter in. We suggest:

  • Sheer curtains for sunroom and living rooms. In common areas, it is best to have more light in the room.
  • Heavier curtain fabrics for theatre room and bedrooms. These give you complete privacy and very less natural light.
  • Use light colour options in rooms that get too much of sunlight because dark colours will fade away when they come under direct sunlight for a long time.

Decide what kind of lighting and privacy you need and it will help you pick appropriate curtains.


Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

While choosing the curtains for your house, do not forget the rod or rail. It is heading of the curtain and it is a defining factor in the complete look. If the curtain is supposed to hide the rod then you can opt for any cheaper version but if the rod will be seen then you need to be careful in choosing the heading of your expensive curtains. A classic choice is wrought iron as you can never go wrong with it.

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