4 Types Of Blinds Which Is Best For You

Blinds are widely used in every house, offices and other places, the purpose of blinds is to add privacy and control the amount of daylight required. Commonly people don’t know the real difference of the various types of blinds and at the time of purchase, they get confused which blind should be appropriate to be installed at the premises. In addition, the installation of blinds depends on the area and measurements of a window and frame. The common misconception between the difference of Roman Blinds and Venetian Blinds has made many people made the wrong choices. To make people clear about the common and trendy types of blinds we have prepared this guide, which help them to choose the best for their house.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Here are the Most Common Type of Blinds and Their Purpose, for your Consideration.

  • The Vertical Blinds.

    Vertical blinds looks very beautiful, it has been designed to completely stop the sunlight from coming to the other side, which also adds up the privacy in the premises. The position of the tile attached in the blind can be controlled as per the requirement by pulling the thread, which hangs beside the window. This help in controlling the amount of light, at Custom Designs Blind we provide Vertical Blinds Installation services.

  • Roman Blinds

    Roman blinds are also different looking blinds which are known for its diverse patterns, the roman blinds are made by folding the layers of soft fabric. You can install these blinds on your choice of pelmet, this will work as an aesthetic and also add privacy. Moreover, roman blinds also blend in the atmosphere and add the touch of aura. Choose the best design and shades and have them installed by Fresh Blinds.

  • Venetian Blinds.

    Venetian blinds are considered as most suitable if your house has small windows or you can do the Venetian blind installation in bathroom or places where there are small windows. Venetian blinds are made of horizontal metal slats, which can be tilted by pulling a thread, hanging on the other side. You can have the Venetian blinds installation by Fresh Blinds.

  • Woods Blinds.

    The wooden blinds are very unique, it’s made by wooden slats which are attached in the frame. The slats are moved so that the amount of transparency can be controlled. You can choose from varieties of textures and patterns available of wooden blinds. We at Fresh Blinds have a special team of an interior designer who can help you in choosing the best blinds for your house so that you can have the best blinds installation services.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

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